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Sunday, September 04, 2005

FOX....Reporting News or Exploiting the Unfortunate?

It comes down to watching Brit Hume on FOX News and that is about it. The rest of that bunch has no backbone whatsoever, concerned more with themselves and taking credit for things out of their control.
First off we have Shepard Smith, who I have commented on before for his derogatory comments about the homeless which are cruel and cross the line. This week Smith, on a tough assignment in New Orleans, is reporting with grim face and a dead body lying in the curb, seen over his shoulder. Why doesn't someone at least cover the remains instead of having a "photo op" with an unfortunate victim?
Next up, Geraldo Rivera, a dunce by all standards parading around holding babies, working himself into a complete frenzy, bragging about his "relationship" with the 1st Infantry, and then telling Bill O'Reilly he (Bill O'Reilly) is the only one who can fix this mess. To be honest, Rivera was either acting or became completely unhinged. The poor people who are are desperate looked on more confused because of this idiot prancing around grabbing babies and talking incoherently.
Sean Hannity, what can I say, he is as self-serving as any member of the FOX group. Well, I suppose Bill O'Reilly is equally in love with himself. This clown actually thinks he makes a difference in the world, matching himself up with people who do make a difference and calling them "Great Americans." Listen to his radio show, the music introduction, people calling in greet their new buddy as a "Great American." Hannity is pathetic and no real voice to conservatives, and this is coming from a Barry Goldwater conservative, not a "born again neo-con."
That is the short list, at least Rita Cosby is gone. Of course, she was the darling of the exclusive that was 10 days stale.
Like a lot of things, fame is established, books are written, ratings go up, the hosts of TV and radio shows grow their egos, convincing themselves they are important. These people have opinions like many of us, they simply exploit others to fill their bank account, they don't really make a difference in peoples lives, although the start believing this to be fact.
The Oprah's, Springer's, Povich's, Donahues have all made a lot of money off of one thing. Not news but exploiting the vunerable. These are not reporters, they are actors full of themselves.
The real reporters covering Katrina for FOX are Steve Harrigan, Rick Leventhal, Jeff Goldblatt and others on the ground who report news and never appear self-serving. They are out in the muck, among the dead and devastated reporting news without bringing attention to themselves. These are journalists who file written reports as well as live TV coverage. They put themselves at risk while performing their jobs.

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