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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Louisiana Purchase...Hold On to Your Wallet!

Let's take a look at the "Mad-Hatters" from Louisiana and their "Wish-List". The stench is percolating coast to coast and north to south!
  • Louisiana's congressional delegation has requested $40 billion for Army Corps of Engineers projects in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, about 10 times the annual Corps budget for the entire nation, or 16 times the amount the Corps has said it would need to protect New Orleans from a Category 5 hurricane.
  • $31.7 billion in federal funds for her state's infrastructure, including $20 billion for hurricane protections -- which aides described as a down payment on the larger sum..
  • A study of several key flood-protection projects, as well as a $14 billion ecosystem restoration for Louisiana's vanishing coastal marshes.
  • A 50-year-old plan for a $750 million lock for the New Orleans Industrial Canal.
  • $50 billion in open-ended grants for storm-ravaged communities.
  • $13 billion for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, along with mortgage assistance, health care, substance abuse treatment and other services for hurricane victims.
  • $8 million for alligator farms.
  • $35 million for seafood industry marketing.
  • $25 million for a sugar-cane research laboratory that had not been completed before Katrina.

Here's the kicker --->>>The bill would create a powerful "Pelican Commission" controlled by Louisiana residents that would decide which Corps projects to fund, and ordered the commission to consider several controversial navigation projects that have nothing to do with flood protection.

The Corps section of the Louisiana bill, which was supported by the entire state delegation, was based on recommendations from a "working group" dominated by lobbyists for ports, shipping firms, energy companies and other corporate interests.

The Attic would feel much safer if the "Pelicans" were in charge, unfortunately we have two-legged alligators frothing at the mouth over federal money these people believe is their financial piggy bank. Doing the math we're still looking for $33 Billion.

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