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Monday, September 19, 2005

Mayor Nagin Suspends Re-Entry Into Big Easy...Or NOT!

The headline claims Ray Nagin, incompetent mayor of New Orleans, is suspending re-entry into the city by evacuees. Truth is Thad Allen, and then President Bush had to ease him into this position and his press conference indicates he is insecure, ego-manical, a power monger, and a jack-ass!
As I have indicated before, Mayor Nagin is as incompetent a mayor as one can expect from corruption ridden Louisiana. Nagin was clueless in implementing the plan to evacuate New Orleans before Katrina hit, and he is incompetent by issuing re-entry authority into a city without electricity, safe drinking water or emergency medical services, not to mention the bacteria count on the ground. Ooops, the mayor was looking at reports about air-borne bacteria, forget the waterways and sludge.
Of course the mayor had to take more swipes at Vice-Admiral Thad Allen, someone he should be listening to since competence is what Allen is all about. Yesterday, while indicating he had been out of town, the mayor commented, "Maybe since I've been away a day or two, maybe he's the new crowned federal mayor of New Orleans."
Nagin also suggested Allen shouldn't be speaking to residents. "As far as I know New Orleans has one mayor, and that's me." Hell Mr. Mayor, pardon the interruption while you were off setting up housekeeping in Dallas, Texas!

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