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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Harriet Miers Q and A!

Opinion Journal and Drudge provide testimony in Williams v. Dallas, a voting-rights case from 1989, when Miers was an at-large member of the Dallas City Council. Here is an interesting section:
xxx Miers: . . . I know that in my own race, would not have run a--a minority running in my position, and I think the community had recognized that the at-large seats had been occupied by white representative from north Dallas and that that was not right and shouldn't happen.
xxx Question: Okay. And had a--if we can use the term viable minority candidate filed for the position you filed for prior to the time you filed, you would not have filed, is that correct?
xxx Miers: That's correct.
xxx Question: And the reason for that, I take it, is that you recognize that historically you would have had a substantial advantage over that minority candidate in that race, isn't that correct?
xxx Miers: No, I wanted to see minority representatives elected at large in this community. And I felt like the time was right that such a candidate could be elected, and I had other things to do.
Opinion Journal aptly states: "If Miers still feels this way, perhaps she could step aside now in favor of a 'viable minority candidate.' Janice Rogers Brown, anyone?"
The Attic concurs!

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