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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Attic Knave of The Day?

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Co. Chairman and Chief Executive William Clay Ford Jr. proposed a basket of tax breaks to help the auto industry build hybrids and other alternative-fuel vehicles, as Detroit tries to loosen its dependence on gas-guzzling trucks and sport-utility vehicles.
xxx Mr. Ford's proposals seek to help the domestic auto industry catch its Japanese rivals on production of fuel-efficient vehicles. Among his ideas: requiring local, state and federal governments to buy hybrids and other gasoline-saving vehicles for their fleets, and a tax break to help American manufacturing plants upgrade.
xxx "With the right investments, America and American manufacturing can win," he said in a speech at the National Press Club. "But we can't get there alone."
The Attic believes if Mr. Ford "fell asleep at the wheel" it's not the obligation of government to bail his company out. Competition is the life blood of a free market society and if Ford can't compete then shame on them. This is also in contrast with Ford's commercial about their commitment to building more efficient vehicles. The ad doesn't mention government subsidies to pay for it.
Mr. Ford said in his speech. "If we don't adapt to changing markets and shifts in consumer demand, [then] like any business, we deserve to suffer the consequences."
We would agree, but a fiscally responsible government does not take on the task of subsidizing business under the guise of a Byrd Amendment, which is nothing more than a form of protectionism for American business. If you can't compete on your companies own merits than you do suffer the consequences.

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