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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Attic Quote of The Day!

"Rep. Kucinich proves that it's long past time he got a job in the real world. Attempting to clarify the Journal's 'misinterpretations, he points out that his bill would tax only 'excess' profit, and not 'reasonable' profits. Oh, really? xxx Just how does Mr. Kucinich determine how much profit is 'excess' and how much is 'reasonable'? Has he been endowed with some magical wisdom not bestowed on the rest of us? Or does he simply liken 'excess profit' to pornography -- he can't define it but he knows it when he sees it? Or (perish the thought) is he just trying to score brownie points with a voting constituency angered over recent high prices of gasoline?

~ John S. Villanova
Stamford, Conn
WSJ - Letter to Editor

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