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Monday, November 14, 2005

Peter Drucker on Management

Dead at 95, Peter Drucker was the "Father of Modern Management" whose 1966 classic, "The Effective Executive" should be on every managers desk for easy access. It should be required reading in every business school, both graduate and undergraduate.
In addition, it would be appropriate for our "Pork Barrel" politicials to read many of Druckers works including, "Post-Capitalistic Society" where he stresses some important topics relevant to our free spending congress.
"The federal goverment, Drucker asserted, should contract out tasks in the social sphere, confining itself to the role of policymaker. Among his other provocative proposals: jettison military aid to other countries; create a public audit agency to eliminate pork-barrel deals and special-interest politics; and hold schools accountable for students' performance."
Provocative indeed, yet politicians sell their souls with taxpayers dollars to save their political careers. We see some attempts by President Bush to apply Drucker's principles of management without the help of his own party. More MBA's in government, trained by the principles of Drucker would go a long way to improving fiscal management. Fewer lawyers would save our souls!

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