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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gen. Wesley Clark Taking Advice from Muslim Academia

General Wesley Clark, retired and former Presidential candidate is busy giving unsolicited advice on succeeding in Iraq and the Middle East. First, his advice during wartime is misguided and politically motivated without sound military strategy. Clark was a Republican before the Chameleon became a Democrat. He was for the war before it was self-serving to become a Democrat. In fact, Wesley Clark flip-flops as much as John Kerry and we wonder how FoxNews can invite this guy onto the air waves for his opinions and as a "military analyst."
"The American approach shows little sense of Middle Eastern history and politics. As one prominent Kuwaiti academic explained to me, in the Muslim world the best way to deal with your enemies has always been to assimilate them - you never succeed in killing them all, and by trying to do so you just make more enemies. Instead, you must woo them to rejoin society and the government. Military pressure should be used in a calibrated way, to help in the wooing" Clark recently wrote in the N.Y. Times.
Clark states it's difficult to argue with this critique. The retired General criticizes President Bush's tactics knowing the war strategy is developed at the highest levels of the U.S. Military. What many have forgot is the Clinton administration removed Clark from the Balkans because they didn't agree with his military strategy. Maybe it was because he traded military hats with a Serbian General and now war criminal, Ratko Mladic for a photo opportunity.
Clark mimics the strategies now in place on how to fight insurgents as if it's his own. However, he runs off the road by suggesting on the one hand the current strategy is working, but then suggests we should negotiate with Iraqi insurgents. He spends his free time second guessing Iraqi's who are writing the new constitution and how the military is staging the current war on terrorism
The Wall Street Journal states, "former NATO Commander and once-and-future Democratic Presidential hopeful Wesley Clark, whose recent counsel was for Mr. Bush to invite Syria and Iran to help us in Iraq. Just how the U.S. is supposed to win over Tehran's mullahs without conceding them a nuclear weapon, or Syria's Assad clique without letting it return to dominate Lebanon, Mr. Clark doesn't say."
Wesley Clark is retired, he served his country, we could only hope he continues to serve by staying silent and stop second guessing the current U.S. Military experts. If he wishes to play Monday morning quarterback, it would be safer to join a fantasy football forum and leave fighting the war on terror to the real experts, not Presidential wannabes. Clark has now become an embarrassment, a dangerous one at that.

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