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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Harvard Business Students want a "Free Pass"

A British MBA student at Harvard Business School wrote in the Wall Street Journal about a disturbing development concerning grade disclosure in the "hallowed halls" of HBS higher learning. Apparently students voted to disallow prospective employers from inquiry to their grades.
Until 1998, students could discuss their grades and potential employers could ask for them. Students were graded, as they are now, on a forced curve with the top 15% to 20% getting a "1," the middle 70% a "2," the bottom 10% a "3." In 1998, however, each MBA class was divided in two and the grading system was felt to confer advantage on one over the other depending where you stood (or something like that).
xxx On a student vote, it was decided that grades could no longer be disclosed and companies who recruited at HBS could not ask for them. Only the Baker Scholars, the top 5% of the class, and the next 15% who received honors were permitted to advertise their achievement.
Were the letters "HBS" all the gilding an MBA now needed, with no reference to classroom performance? Could you imagine running a horse in the Kentucky Derby simply on the basis of its bloodline, regardless of its record?
In a final vote, 87% of students opposed grade disclosure, 6% were for it and 7% declared themselves indifferent. But when was leadership ever about listening to a bunch of 27-year-old grad students?
So much for sweat-equity in and outside the classroom. Maybe they should simply print the diplomas in a basement, distribute them based on attendance and rest on their laurels. xxx As a graduate of Kellogg at Northwestern University it's always gratifying to see NU rankings exceed that of HBS. Possibly, because methodology to higher business learning at HBS has become "rank". Go Wildcats!

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