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Friday, December 23, 2005

Kofi Annan Undiplomatic Under Fire

Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary-general, lashed out at the media after a year of unrelenting attacks on the UN and strong criticism of his management of the oil-for-food program in Iraq.
An 18-month investigation, led by former US Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, cleared Mr. Annan of influencing an oil-for-food contract that went to a company which employed his son, Kojo, but was strongly critical of his management of the program. This in itself is a joke, CEO's lose their jobs for much less.
At Mr. Annan's year-end press conference, one reporter mentioned a Mercedes-Benz which Kojo Annan imported into Ghana using his father's diplomatic immunity to avoid taxes and customs duty and said some of the secretary-general's version of oil-for-food related events "don't really make sense".
Here is Annan's undignified response. "I think you're being very cheek. Listen James Bone [of The London Times], you've been behaving like an overgrown schoolboy in this room for many,manyy months and years. You are an embarrassment to your colleagues and to your profession. Please stop misbehaving and please let's move on to a serious journalist."
Move on to a serious journalist? A question on oil-for-food and son Kojo in relation to nepotism is not serious? "I'm not afraid of criticism," Annan said. "Some criticisms have been constructive and helpful and I accept that. Some have been out of place and have really gone beyond the zone of all reasonableness, and you wouldn't expect me or anybody in this house to accept that," Annan explained. The heat rises at a press conference, Annan demeans a reporter because he doesn't like the question and he claims to accept criticism?
Mr. Bone walked out of the news conference after Mr. Annan refused to let him ask his question and said later: "The Volcker report raises many serious questions about the integrity of the UN and it's important that public officials paid with taxpayer's money answer these questions fully and without accusing the press."
We concur and wonder why Volcker and the Bush Administration have given Mr. Annan a free pass. He should be gone, in disgrace. Instead he continues to commandeer a sinking ship.
Source: The Scotsman

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