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Monday, December 05, 2005

Kudos to New York Judge

NEW YORK----The New York Civil Liberties Union plans an immediate appeal of federal Judge Richard Berman's decision Friday declaring the NYPD's subway bag search policy constitutional.
The NYCLU challenged the program as a violation of Fourth Amendment rights. Police officers have searched the personal belongings of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers since instituting the policy July 21 with plans to continue the policy indefinitely. The NYCLU contends that this unprecedented invasion of the privacy rights of New Yorkers cannot be justified by the program's questionable security benefits.
"Because the threat of terrorism is great, and the consequences of unpreparedness may be catastrophic, it would seem foolish not to rely upon those qualified persons in the best position to know," declared Judge Berman.
Thank goodness for common sense on the part of Judge Berman. We can only hope the appeals courts will demonstrate the same and shun the ACLU and NYCLU in their effort to ignore the realities of today's terrorist society.
A little bit of rationale may go a long way to preventing innocent blood being spattered all over the NY subway system.

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