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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Let's Go Waterboarding!

The debate on interrogation techniques and so-called "torture" is forcing critiques to come clean. Using the term torture, as allowed debate on the subject to ask people opposed to torture to explain exactly what they mean, to describe what torture is.
It is coming to light the key word here is "waterboarding." Here is how waterboarding is defined at Wikipedia:
The current practice of waterboarding was known previously as "the water cure." It involves tying the victim to a board with the head lower than the feet so that he or she is unable to move. A piece of cloth is held tightly over the face, and water is poured onto the cloth. Breathing is extremely difficult and the victim will be in fear of imminent death by asphyxiation. However, it is relatively difficult to aspirate a large amount of water since the lungs are higher than the mouth, and the victim is unlikely actually to die if this is done by skilled practitioners. Waterboarding may be used by captors who wish to impose anguish without leaving marks on their victims as evidence.
xxx This is a technique demonstrated on U.S. military personnel by other U.S. military personnel when they are being taught to resist enemy interrogations in the event of capture.
Waterboarding is a technique used by our military for training purposes. Are we torturing our own service men and women? The main stream media and John McCain aren't complaining about this, they only want the world to know we aren't harming terrorist with a training method used to prepare our soldiers in event of capture.
ABC News reported that 11 of 12 captured al Qaeda kingpins who have talked only did so after being waterboarded. Imagine that? The critics claim waterboarding doesn't work.
CIA pressure methods also include sleep deprivation, exposure to hot and cold, stress techniques such as kneeling for a long time, good cop-bad cop interrogation of the kind practiced in the average American police precinct. This is the liberal view of "degrading" and "cruel" if you interpret those words in the most expansive manner. Anyone who has been in the military has certainly experienced being under these circumstances. Taking children in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts on long hikes or participating in summer and winter events would subject adults to accusations of inflicting "torture" on our children if we relied on the above methods.
Should we stop sending missiles into suspected al Qaeda hideouts since the end result is blowing "human beings" to tiny bits? Senator McCain is opening pandora's box, there would be no end to what would be considered warfare versus torture versus interrogation. Mr. McCain is providing political fodder for critiques of the Bush Administration who have no interest in fighting terrorism, only destroying a presidency.
In the real world the ticking bomb exists. In the beltway and liberal closets hypocrisy is the prime reason to ignore ideas that would prevent American soil to become the staging ground for terrorists who want only one thing, our demise.

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