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Monday, December 26, 2005

Pathetic U.N. Wasting Tsunami Relief Funds

Up to about a third of the $590 million U.N. fund spent for the Indian Ocean tsunami relief may have gone to pay for overhead.
xxx The Financial Times says its two-month investigation showed the money appears to have been spent on administration, staff and related costs. The $590 million was part of the United Nation's $1.1 billion disaster flash appeal.
The newspaper also found several U.N. agencies continue to refuse to disclose details of their relief expenditure in spite of earlier pledges of transparency by senior officials. The flash appeal covered the money donated by governments to the world body in the first weeks after the disaster to fund the early aid work, the Times reported.
Other agencies suggest non-profit aid organizations should claim no more than 10 percent of project funds for administration costs. The U.N. is a disaster and can't keep it's hands off donations despite congressional bluster and oil-for-food corruption.
We have suggested time and again Kofi Annan should be dispelled from the U.N. and, if possible, indicted on charges of corruption. Paul Volcker gave Annan a free pass in his oil-for-food report despite explicit allegations by Volcker's own investigator on the commission.
Something continues to smell at Turtle Bay and it's time, once and for all, we receive complete oversite by congress or cut off the funds and kill the corruption. The so-called "World Body" is nothing more then a "World Piggy Bank."

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