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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Retreat and Defeat Is Not An Option

The Democrats believe we need to "cut and run" from Iraq, in the fashion of the Vietnam War, where Democrat, Lyndon B. Johnson sent 500,000 ground troops and attempted to operate a war plan from the White House. His miserable failure was apparent and the disaster moved into the Nixon Administration.
Democrats did a fantastic job of making Vietnam, "Nixon's War", taking virtually no blame for starting the war itself, mismanaging it into complete chaos and then siding with the SDS, Weatherman and Haight/Ashbury Hippies, only to leave in disgrace and dishonor the fallen soldiers and airmen as well as returning troops.
The prominent theme in the streets was that fighting men and women were the disgrace, with the likes of John Kerry and Jane Fonda sympathetic to the Viet Cong and Communist regime of North Vietnam.
Now Howard Dean and the pathetic left of Kennedy, Boxer, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry et al are waging another campaign to leave Iraq, quit the war on terror and call the progress in the Middle East a failure. The biggest single issue is the effect this is having on troop morale and their ability to have the courage to fight the enemy when they have diminishing support at home. When support is lacking on the home front the resolve to fight disappears and we do begin to fail. This is what our enemy is counting on, lack of American resolve. Our military deserves better and politically motivated politicians need to tread lightly.
The Republicans have a response via video advertising depicting a waving white flag and Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer and John Kerry all making infamous speeches, which they are now denying as being misquoted.
It's difficult to determine who the biggest disgrace is, Howard Dean or John Kerry. They are both over the top in their suggestions that America is wrong and our troops are "terrorizing" innocent civilians. John Kerry is demonstrating why he was guilty of treason, anti-military and certainly no war hero. Ultimately, Kerry is a complete disgrace to anyone wearing the uniform representing the United States of America. Howard Dean is a psychopath with a huge anger problem, all based on disseminating false information and harmful rhetoric.
It's politics, irresponsible, and dangerous. During these public diatribes the left has a common response, "But we support the troops." They want it both ways, screaming for complete withdrawal and abandoning the mission while claiming to support the troops. The left is anti-military and gutless, their speeches aren't being misquoted, liberals are suffering denial while they continue as a constant reminder they are liars who will go to any lengths in an attempt to strengthen themselves politically, even at the peril of our military.
Our soldiers are watching, our enemies are too!
Watch the Video...Retreat and Defeat

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