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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Saddam Schtick

Wikipedia explains a schtick (or shtick) is an expression which refers to a comic theme or gimmick. "Schtick" is derived from the Yiddish word "שטיק", meaning "piece". The English word "piece" itself is also sometimes used in a similar context. Another variant is "bits of business" or just "bits", mannerisms such as Laurel and Hardy's fiddling with their ties, or one of them looking into the camera shaking his head while the other one would ramble on; or the countless little slapstick and nonsense routines perfected by The Three Stooges, especially by Curly.
This definition, and examples pretty much describes the current antics of deposed tyrant Saddam Hussein who insisted again today he had been beaten by his American captors, denouncing Washington's denials as "lies" and mocking President Bush's claim that Baghdad had chemical weapons.
In fact, the whole trial has become schtick. In courtroom turmoil, an assistant prosecutor asked to resign and the defense team threatened to leave court unless a guard was removed. The judge ordered the guard out. He also admonished Saddam's half brother, once head of Iraqi intelligence, to speed up his answers.
xxx When the court gave the former leader an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, Saddam instead used the time to expand on earlier assertions that he had been abused in custody. He claimed that the wounds he suffered from the alleged beatings had been documented by at least two American teams.
The trial's chief prosecutor, Jaafar al-Mousawi, said if authorities found evidence of abuse Saddam could be transferred to the physical custody of Iraqi troops. Saddam, in the hands of Iraqi's, may find out first hand what abuse is really like.
In the mean time we'll enjoy the antics and mockery of Saddam while he acts like a shande or person of disgrace and one who brings embarrassment through mere association. Isn't is amusing how Yiddish phrases fit Saddam so well?
With that said, in all seriousness, the more fitting Yiddish term for Saddam is "Karsew" or Butcher!
Source: Associated Press

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