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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Congressional Reform - Is That Pork Burning???

When Republicans took control of the purse strings in 1995, the federal budget was $1.5 trillion. It is now $2.55 trillion a year -- or $5 million a minute -- and the latest Treasury data reveal that in Fiscal 2005 federal outlays grew by another $179 billion, an 8% increase and more than twice the rate of inflation. So much for small government, tight fisted, and fiscally responsible Republicans, who call themselves Conservatives. By definition, Conservative means favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change; traditional or restrained in style; moderate; cautious. Place these definitions alongside “Fiscally” and Republicans are not conservative. The term “Neo-Con” also irks me, similar to the term “Born Again.” What?? You just discovered Barry Goldwater conservatism? You have just discovered the existence of Jesus Christ? Where have you been living, in a cave? And the neo-cons as well as the born-again crowd look down on the folks who discovered these principles long ago! Talk radio is full of these clowns, the Sean Hannity’s and Glen Beck’s who “discuss” politics and promote their religion over the airwaves. They have people call in only to cut them off so they can hear themselves speak. What’s missing from these shows is real conservatism as an agenda. These talk guru’s are ignorant of economics and finance, and don’t know the difference between macro and micro. They spend much of their time ranting over the no-nothing left but leave real conservative issues hidden. If they were responsible to conservative virtues they would be criticizing Tom Delay and congressional leaders who earmark bills with pork and spend taxpayer dollars like drunken sailors. While jumping on the bandwagon for the war on terror they are unable to discuss congressional budgets and deficits for what they really are – Liberal clones. While inviting Tom Delay on the air to discuss his demise they fail to ask him why he supports wild spending and ignores fiscal conservative values.
The 2006 Defense bill contains an all-time record 2,600 earmarks. This is a fourfold increase since 2001, and includes $3.4 million for the Lewis and Clark bicentennial and $500,000 for the Arctic Winter Games, to be held in Alaska.
Years ago politician used to cry, "a chicken in every pot" but we should now ask them to please hold the pork. While liberals cry about Roe v. Wade we would ask Republicans to abort the widespread earmarks to bridges going nowhere.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excessive expense needs to be cut

1/17/2006 11:32:00 AM  

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