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Friday, January 27, 2006

DNC Chairman Back "Home" Again in Indiana

Howard Dean visited Northwest Indiana, no where near the Sycamores or the Wabash. I can certainly vouch he was closer to one of the worst areas of the United States for corruption and crime, Lake County.
Lake County Indiana has a history of the "Democratic Machine" at it's best from the likes of East Chicago, Hammond and Gary, the premiere capital of murder. However, Dr. Dean thinks Indiana is a "Blue State" because for 16 years the Governors mansion was occupied by Democrats. Yes, Governor O'Bannon took Indiana into the deficit toilet and Hoosiers made a decision to elect conservative Mitch Daniels to clean up the mess. And what a mess!
Lake County Democratic Chairman Rudy Clay said Dean's visit gave the county organization respect. Yes and next up will be former Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher whose racist ideals sent Gary into the crime ridden ghetto of the century. "We're going to try to take Indiana out of the red and put it in the blue column," Clay said. Why not work on corruption using the money from your gambling boats and quit blaming Republicans for your inept leadership?
Another part of Dean's strategy to win voters is to convince Evangelical Christians, who have become the steadfast voters for the Republican party, that they are voting for a party of "selfishness."
Outside the banquet hall, members of the "Northwest Indiana Coalition against the Iraq War" picketed. If they wish to picket they might visit every city hall in the county and picket for a war on drugs, the natural economy for Lake County along with gambling.
Lake County Indiana is the perfect place to demonstrate what Democrats can do for you. Drugs, Gambling, Ghettos, Crime, Crime and More Crime. Did we forget political corruption that would make Jack Abramoff shiver?

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