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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hollywood's Gay-Lesbian and other Diverse Obsessions

I was duped into watching a movie last evening called, "The Object of My Affection" (1998), however it would have passed in the plural with "affections" as the movie sometimes led one to believe the gay male might turn straight.
The movie was funny, I laughed out loud several times, but in the end (no pun intended) it seemed all about diversity with the gay choosing his male friend, the female choosing a black male as a husband, the estranged husband sharing the newborn child with the mother and her gay friend, then everyone getting together becoming accepting and tolerant, which is good. Was this commonplace as the hostess would suggest, that this was the encapsulated version of America? I think not and made it plain in my analysis.
The problem is I disagreed with the real motives of the movie, partly because liberal elitest Alan Alda played a small part in the movie and I felt the "comedy" was a little bit more than just laughs. I felt it had the hand of left-wing Hollywood creatively demonstrating to us how we should be pro-choice, the Dad doesn't really matter altogether, and we can be irresponsible when choosing between sex and contraception because abortion is always a possibility. "Object of My Affection" did a good job of demonstrating the alternative and the offspring was indeed the final object of everyone's affection. Is this typical of reality, I think not once again.
This leads me to the crop of films making their way through movie theaters and to the Academy Awards.
  • Brokeback Mountain - Based on a story by Annie Proulx, 'Brokeback Mountain' tells the story of two Wyoming cowboys who find they can't keep their calloused hands off each other while out on the range. Even through dutiful marriage, kids and life, their love for one another never dies.
  • Capote - An excellent author and well-known New York socialite there is no mistaking Truman Capote's sexual preference in real life.
  • Happy Endings - Three loosely interrelated stories of dysfunctional relationships are played for edgy laughs in this dark comedy drama. Step-Brother and Step-Sister produce a child put up for adoption. Meanwhile, Charley (Steve Coogan), now out of the closet, has a longstanding relationship with Gil (David Sutcliffe), and the couple are involved in a legal battle over whether or not Gil's donated sperm produced a baby who has been adopted by a lesbian couple they know.
  • Guys and Balls - A battle for gay rights is fought on a small-time football field. a talented soccer goalie who plays with a semi-pro team in a small German town, but he finds himself on the outs with his teammates when he fails to block a kick that costs the team the league championship. Ecki's relationship with the team goes from bad to worse when they discover he's gay, and they give him his walking papers.
  • Dorian Blues - A young man comes to terms with growing up gay in this independent comedy drama.
  • Hellbent - Received its world premiere at the 2004 San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Cops investigate crimes at a West Hollywood gay Halloween party.
  • Gay Sex in the 70's - In 1969, the Stonewall riots in New York City sounded the opening bell of the Gay Pride movement in America, and for many gay men it offered an opportunity to come out of the closet and live their lives in the open for the first time. As the gay community sought to define itself, it's not surprising that sex, once furtive and approached with no small amount of fear and shame, suddenly became openly and publicly celebrated and sought after, and in a handful of American cities, the gay scene became the center of a wildly celebratory orgy that lasted until 1981, when the discovery of AIDS led many men to reexamine their sexual habits.
  • Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family - Steven Margolin and Sam Cagnina had been together for seven years when Samantha Singh came along, and the once-couple became a romantic threesome. Filmmaker Susan Kaplan captures the story of a nontraditional family consisting of three consenting adults, two of whom are bisexual. Shot over an eight-year span, the film follows the domestic struggles between bisexuals Sam and Steven and their live-in straight partner, Samantha, whom they found through a creaky "audition" process. Everything's fine until the threesome decides to conceive a child … and then things really get complicated.
  • Transamerica - A born-again Christian named Bree (Felicity Huffman) gets the shock of her life when the son she never knew existed calls and tells her he's in jail. Bree -- who's almost completed a series of sex-change operations -- actually turns out to be Toby's (Kevin Zegers) father.

Hollywood feels mainstream America is ready for explicit sex between men on the big screen and with Brokeback Mountain is going after the most masculine group in the John Wayne, "Marboro Man" type to ride into the sunset. They feel showing born-again Christians as transgenders to be in the norm.

We're sure the Academy Awards will offer prizes to many of these movies while they send their anti-war, anti-Bush themes across the airwaves during acceptance speeches. It's our choice not to watch and our country is built on liberty and free expression. Ready or not Gay/Lesbian movies provide a choice but the amount of films made for 2005 are beginning to show a trend with an attempt at innoculating the non-believers.

It's no secret Hollywood produces many films to simply make a statement, they should be as tolerant of folks in the "mainstream" as they are about the fringes. One shouldn't believe these films are a real snapshot of America but only a small collection of photos.

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