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Monday, January 09, 2006

Juan Williams, A Dunce in the Affirmative!

I must say TV news programs are becoming exceedingly boring, ridiculous and offer nothing in substance. I can only hope Wall Street Week with Paul Gigot reappears.
In the mean time I tune in to FoxNews Sunday to listen to Juan Williams shill for the DNC with his ridiculous comments and pooh, poohing about race, affirmative action or how horrible conservatives are. And by no means does he let George W. Bush off the hook on WMD's, education or anything that presents an issue for the weak minded left.
This brings me to yesterday when Mr. Williams provides us with the obligatory "race bait" in his opinion on Judge Alito's confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court.
Judge Alito will be smeared with innuendo that he is a racist because of his membership more than two decades ago in a Princeton alumni group that opposed affirmative action and coeducation at his alma mater. The membership of Concerned Alumni of Princeton included its share of screwballs -- its unofficial motto, "Bring Back the Old Princeton," is the butt of jokes at class reunions today. But it's hardly fair to tag every member with the sins of orange-and-black nostalgists. In any event, Judge Alito, who was never active, joined to support the group's efforts to keep ROTC on campus.
Williams got off WMD's in Iraq for a change only to complain about the honorable Judge Alito's membership at Princeton. Williams couldn't get into a formidable institution like Princeton with or without affirmative action and quotas. Williams lacks the intellectual ability to qualify. We see how he got the job at NPR and Fox. Since he offers nothing of substance he must moved to the head of the class for fair and balanced quotas as well as shilling for the left-wing.

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