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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kennedy Leading "Jackass" at Alito Hearings

A day with Senator Teddy Kennedy (D-MA) near a camera will present him with an opportunity to make completely false statements and lie through his yellow teeth. Kennedy certainly resembles his parties mascot.
Instead of asking Judge Alito a question, Kennedy opines as follows:
Judge, in just the past month, Americans have learned that the president instructed the National Security Agency to spy on them at home.
And they've seen an intense public debate over when the FBI can look at their library records.
And they've heard the president announce that he has accepted the McCain amendment barring torture. But then just days later, as he signed it into law, the president's decided he still could order torture whenever he believed it was necessary: no check, no balance, no independent oversight.
So, Judge, we all want to protect our communities from terrorists. But we don't want our children and grandchildren to live in an America that accepts torture and eavesdropping on American citizens as a way of life.
We need an independent and vigilant Supreme Court to keep that from happening, to enforce the constitutional boundaries on presidential power and blow the whistle when the president goes too far.
xxx Congress passes laws, but this president says that he has the sole power to decide whether or not he has to obey those laws. Is that proper? I don't think so.
But perhaps most disturbing is the almost total disregard in your record for the impact of these abuses of powers on the rights and liberties of individual citizens.
It's also amazing to listen to Kennedy, a man coming from a family built on bootlegged profits, with a history of extra-marial affairs, leaving the scene of an accident where a young girl lost her life while riding with a drunk who thinks he is above the law.
In the early 60's we lived under foolish Hollywood disguise of "Camelot" and now we see where the leftist Kennedy clan has evolved. Ted Kennedy is a socialist, Marxist who has only survived because of a mindless electorate and money made from Daddy's illicit activities. Teddy is a drunk whose family money got him into and out of Harvard and protected him from prison.
Kennedy is an embarrassment to the nomination hearings of Judge Alito and he's an insult to anything good in the Democratic process.

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