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Monday, February 20, 2006

"Brokeback" Media

Both TIME and NEWSWEEK are planning high impact covers of Vice-President Dick Cheney for newsstands, with each magazine rolling out top staff bylines and thousands of words on the hunting incident. On CNN's Reliable Sources, Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank fretted that the White House is exploiting the public's growing disdain for the mainstream media. "Of course they succeed,” Milbank said of Bush aides. “The press always looks awful. They will once again make us look awful.” CNN's Candy Crowley added: "The perception is that we're whining." White House correspondent Bill Plante of CBS agreed. "The vice president and the White House have both used the constant press coverage of this story as a wedge,” he told Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz. “It plays to the prejudices of the people who are predisposed not to like us, and it's one way to distract attention from what happened.”
Main Steam Media is blaming the White House because the public has a poor impression of the the press. David Gregory got spanked by his wife as told on Meet The Press. “I think I made a mistake. I think it was inappropriate for me to lose my cool with the press secretary representing the president. I don’t think it was professional of me. I was frustrated, I said what I said, but I think that you should never speak that way, as my wife reminded me, number one. And number two, I think it created a diversion from some of the serious questions in the story, so I regret that. I was wrong, and I apologize.” So Gregory apologizes but his colleagues do, indeed, whine. Gregory's wife saw something he failed to understand.
Dana Milbank of the Washington Post appeared on Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC (Monday, February 13, 2006), for an interview wearing a bright-orange hunter's vest and hat. In fact, in later came out the outfit wasn't a real hunting outfit but clothing commonly worn by road and construction workers.
Washington Post Ombudsman Deborah Howell expressed official dismay at Post reporter/columnist Dana Milbank's decision to wear 'hunter' garb. The Post's Liz Spayd, apparently handed out some discipline: Spayd said she felt Milbank "crossed the line" on his TV appearance. "What he intended as a playful joke was viewed by many as mocking and unprofessional, and understandably so." Suffice it to say that he has been taken to The Post's version of the woodshed and told not to do that again. xxx
The criticism of the press on their coverage of the Vice-President's hunting accident is much closer to home and office. The Post's Howell stated, "If Post editors insist Milbank is not an opinion columnist, then Milbank ought to drop the funny hats and stay away from comedy shows." One more spanking!
Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY) put it this way.
Dick Cheney has become the hate symbol from the beginning. He was the hate symbol when he was with Halliburton. He was the hate symbol when he came in and the votes with South Africa and this and that. And then he was the hate symbol of hiding an energy conference. He was the hate symbol of terrorists, hate symbol of torture. Let me tell you, those who don't like him have put a big red tail on his bum, and cloven hooves, and horns on his head. And let me tell you, if anybody thinks -- if this had happened to anybody else in America, it would have been like a sparrow belch in a typhoon. How are we to trust, after a whole week of absolute dribble, and babble, and people, you know, interviewing themselves -- well, what do you think about Dick, oh, you know -- and Jay Leno and Letterman -- I asked them how would you feel if this happened to you.
Let me tell you, the American people are really waiting with sense of glee when something really, really happens in America, and I suppose they'll just have a catatonic stroke and pitch forward on their faces. But let me tell you, you'll never find it if you just follow the Washington media. You'll never know the good. All you get is controversy, crap and confusion.
Watch your backside, the 'Brokeback Media' doesn't get it.
Source: MSNBC New, CNN, Washington Post, NBC

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