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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kerry's Fuzzy Math....Still A Liar!

Sen. John Kerry claimed this morning on NBC TODAY that 53% of America's children do not graduate from high school. Kerry made the comments after host Katie Couric asked the former presidential candidate about Bush's State of the Union call to train 70,000 additional teachers in math and science. Kerry's 53% claim conflicts with a recent press release from the U.S. Census Bureau: "High School Graduation Rates Reach All-Time High" And the Census Bureau's own website states: 85.9 Percent Of Americans Aged 20-24 Are High School Graduates. Kerry also falsely claimed kids don't have after-school programs. Mr. Kerry is unattached to average citizens and wouldn't know an after school program if he walked into one. During the 2004 presidential campaign Kerry also misstated statistics and the facts. Kerry had claimed, in a Columbus, Ohio, speech, that more black Americans are in prison than in college. The US Department of Justice tells us the number of blacks incarcerated at mid-year 2002. 818,900 black men; 65,600 black women; total 884,500 blacks. The US Census Bureau states the number of blacks in college during 2002: 802,000 black men; 1,476,000 black women; total 2,278,000 blacks.
Like his Vietnam record, Kerry continues to demonstrate his innate ability to make up stories in a feeble attempt to cover-up the truth.

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