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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Moon Bat of The Week Award!

Harvard University
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Harvard President, Lawrence Summers resigned his post at the country's oldest institution of higher learning. Pressure from the campus left in the faculty and Harvard Corporation has forced his hand and proclaims an educational body of high regard stooping to ideology and rendering objectivity in learning moot.
Summers showed a willingness to confront political anti-Semitism on campus where signers of a petition to get the university to divest from Israel. Mr. Summers came under attack for remarks on gender differences in the sciences looking for intelligent discussion, not howling at the moon by the academics.
President Summers showed his understanding of the role of Harvard in wartime, with his appearance at a commissioning ceremony for the Reserve Officers Training Corps program that was kicked off Harvard's campus in the era of protest against the war in Vietnam.
Each time Summers spoke out on issues he was challenged by campus interest groups and faculty as too "conservative." Protests of liberal ideals were challenged at many levels. The student newspaper, Harvard Crimson, has editorialized in support of Summers.
Liberal takeover on campus today continues to rear it's ugly head when they feel challenged. Alan Dershowitz proclaims it an "academic coup d'├ętat by . . . the die-hard left of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences." We agree the left has been allowed to gain too much power when the academic tail wags the leadership dog.

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