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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Old Europe Seeks Hamas Ties

The government of Hugo Chavez will receive representatives of Hamas "with pleasure" should they visit Venezuela on a forthcoming tour of South America. Vladimir Putin has announced he will host a meeting with the Palestinian terrorist group/political party next month in Moscow. "We have never considered Hamas a terrorist organization," says the Russian president. The leadership of both these countries seem to be “rubbing” democracies nose into political dung since Hamas was elected in a so-called Democratic election. We should recall the diplomatic quarantine the European Union slapped on Austria in 2000 when elections there put the proto-fascist Freedom Party in government.
However, Spain and France have endorsed Mr. Putin's invitation to Hamas, and both governments are reported to be working to have Hamas removed from the European list of terrorist organizations. These actions may isolate the Bush Administration and only demonstrates the Euro-Socialist, anti-Semitic views of these countries as well as their approval of terrorism.

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