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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Turning Blue.....Or Not?

The Conservative mantra of small government, low-taxes, states rights, property rights have gone by the wayside for fat cats who professed allegiance to conservative issues. The Tom Delay's of the party brought their small town "buddy system" politics to the big show in the beltway, which only grew as their power grew.
Instead of following a simple play book the so-called conservatives paid off their debts to lobbyists at the expense of the national taxpayer with huge deficit spending and economic blunders. The only thing that saved their bacon (not ours) was the Bush tax cuts and monetary practices at the Federal Reserve.
Today's politician skips principle for election year politics as usual, not cutting back on pork but earmarking every entitlement in sight to save their political hide.
Virginia is a fine example of what may happen on the national stage if things don't change and change fast. As Virginia GOP state senator Ken Cuccinelli explained, "We ran on a message of almost being for tax cuts, almost for smaller government, almost for protecting Second Amendment rights, and almost being pro-life. As a result, the voters almost came out and voted for us." Virginia, traditionally a red state has gone tax and entitlement crazy.
Unfortunately political climate can change as fast as a nice day on Lake Michigan. A political storm is on the horizon, Liberals bluster over everything and they don't have a plan, except to take over the Senate and House. Conservative constituents shouldn't pay for elected officials like Delay who effect the national scene while they practice "good old boy" politics in D.C. As soon as they believe they are smarter than us, we lose and lose big. Give an inch, Liberals will grab the whole cash register.
Any political party is only as good as the sum of its parts. The red ship only floats if all the crew is on board. If we think bloated government is part of the neo-conservative governance then imagine what will happen when the "New Deal" Liberals regain power. We will all be riding the "Blue Titanic."
It's time to revisit the "Contract with America" and retain a majority position in the legislature and White House. If not, we will all turn blue in our grave.

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