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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Unborn Child Saved.....The Right Choice!

A Washington baby made medical history by becoming the first in the world to undergo a unique heart surgery before she was born. Major heart surgery was the baby’s only chance when the mother was only 7 months pregnant. When Jan and Angela Vanderwerken went for a routine 20-week ultra sound they learned two things about their unborn child. First it was a girl and they were told the devastating news that their daughter only had half a heart, a congenital heart defect where her left ventricle, the main pumping chamber fails to develop. Grace, the child’s name, became famous after doctors in Boston performed a first of its kind heart surgery while she was still in-utero. Performing a procedure that had never been done anywhere in the world, doctors sliced a hole in Grace’s grape-sized heart and propped it open with a stint. Then, 13 days later she was born naturally. So the liberal mainstream media is stating that an unborn fetus is a “child” using the phrase, “unborn child.” They went so far as to tell us the sex of the “unborn child.” Maybe the liberal pro-choice folks on both sides of the political spectrum, and Planned Parenthood should rethink their narrow view of life in the womb. It’s nice to see doctors as well as parents who choose life. A majority of Americans do not want abortion to be outlawed, however lawmakers in at least five states -- Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota and Tennessee -- have offered bills that seek to ban all abortions, except when the woman’s life is in danger. Of course we’re not sure how a “majority” was arrived at or how skewed the poll was in determining the pro-choice group.
With the advances of contraception and sex education we would think the pro-choice advocates would be glad to perform a public service by stating a choice is contraception or abstinence versus individuals demonstrating a lack of responsibility and destroying an unborn child similar to Grace who was saved by the grace of her parents.
Since 1973, the high court has permitted state laws that place restrictions on abortions but has repeatedly ruled that no state law may prohibit or delay the procedure if a woman’s physical or mental health is at risk. We would question the mental health of any parent or doctor who performs abortions when no health risk is evident.
If the reporters actually believe what they said, then aborting an "unborn child" is murder. We'd like to see the liberals argue this premise while at the same time eating their own in the mainstream media.

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