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Friday, February 10, 2006

Would Chairman Mao Yahoo?

U.S. Internet companies faced fresh bipartisan criticism in the Congress following renewed controversy over Yahoo Inc.'s alleged role in the Chinese government's eight-year prison sentence against a second dissident.
xxx Google came under fire last month for bowing to Chinese government pressure to block politically sensitive terms on its new Chinese site. Microsoft has also angered human rights activists by blocking the blog of a critic of the Beijing government. "The choice in China and other countries is not whether to comply with local laws. The choice is whether to remain in the country or not," Yahoo spokeswoman Linda Osaka said. "We have a philosophy of engagement. We believe the Internet is a positive force." Yahoo's engagement includes a $1 billion investment last year to acquire a 40 percent stake in Chinese e-commerce company, which now runs the company's China operations. Alibaba has moved all of its 2,000 Yahoo China servers from the United States to China, Alibaba's CEO said last year.
Since when does censorship equal engagement equal capitalism? Sounds like these companies support Marxism as long as they are allowed to expand into new markets. The internet giants are selling out.
Source: Reuters

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