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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bush Adminstration Fails Promise for U.N. Reform

The United States stood nearly alone Wednesday as it voted against the creation of a new U.N. Human Rights Council, saying the reform did not go far enough to keep abusers off the panel. U.S. officials did not carry through on a threat to block the new body's funding and pledged to work with other nations to make the council "as strong as it can be."
U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said the diplomats had missed a historic opportunity to help those most in need. "We must not let the victims of human rights abuses throughout the world think that U.N. member states were willing to settle for 'good enough,' " Bolton said. "We must not let history remember us as the architects of a council that was a 'compromise.' "
xxx The United Nations votes 170-4 to create a new Human Rights Council, and the U.S., one of four dissenters with Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands, now promises to support the Council and provide 22% of its operating expenses.
xxx "We have very high standards for human rights at the United Nations," Undersecretary of State R. Nicholas Burns told the Washington Post by way of explaining the U.S. "no" vote. He then added that "We also want to see the U.N. succeed, and so we hope the Human Rights Council can be strengthened over time so that they can deal effectively with real world problems such as Darfur and Burma."
Bottom line is this. The Bush administration failed to have Kofi Annan resign, despite the damning evidence in Volckers "Oil for Food" investigation and it has failed to stand up for human rights by caving in to Annan and his feckless promise for real reform. Now we agree to pay for more abuses with taxpayer dollars and demonstrate total weakness and resolve to do what's right.
Opportunity for change was knocking and the Bush administration has failed to answer the door.

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