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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Country of Laws...Failing to Enforce the Law

Thousands of students walked out of class in California and Texas, and crowds in Detroit marched toward downtown Monday as immigrant supporters continued nearly a week of street protests against proposed immigration reforms.
xxx In Washington, where lawmakers were discussing immigration legislation, about 100 demonstrators wore handcuffs to protest a proposal to criminalize aid programs for immigrants.
xxx The Senate Judiciary Committee rejected that proposal Monday, approving an amendment that would protect charitable groups, but it also approved more than doubling the current force of 11,300 Border Patrol agents over the next six years.
xxxx "We are illegal immigrants if you trace our heritage all the way back, but we are here and we are working and we are living the American dream," said Janet Padron, a 22-year-old Allen Park, Mich., resident who was raised in California.
First of all Ms. Pardon, have you ever heard of Ellis Island? Hundreds of thousands of immigrants passed through that location alone to become "Legal Citizens" in America. They went through the channels, took tests, took oaths and followed the law. I am here because I was born here. My father was an immigrant who passed through Ellis Island and followed legal immigration procedure.
You see, I can pass my heritage all the way back to Europe, through my grandparents and father. I can also attest they passed through Ellis Island and became legal citizens. So please, don't insult our intelligence. We are a nation of laws and it's time we enforce immigration laws.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree did you see this...
Bush Presses Guest Worker Program for Illegals

3/27/2006 05:46:00 PM  
Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

I knew about this and I'm somewhat conflicted. Bush and congress are saying they don't want amnesty so they are making "guest worker" a somewhat conditional program.

Still smells like limited amnesty. Removing these people, 12 million, is like getting the elephant out of your bedroom.

The problem didn't happen overnight so this may be he best result.

3/28/2006 01:06:00 AM  

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