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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Friends of Hillary

According to Byron York writing for The Hill, Hillary Clinton is gladly receiving support from the family of Willie Tan and his relatives. Mr. Tan owns garment shops, aka "sweatshops" in Saipan and is very generous to both sides of the aisle. He also has ties to Jack Abramoff. Clinton's ties to Willie Tan go back to at least 1995. York reports the following:
Last year, Tan gave $2,000 to Friends of Hillary. So did Raymond Tan, Siu Lin Tan and Josie Tan, all members of Willie Tan’s family. FEC records indicate that the $2,000 checks from Willie, Raymond and Siu Lin were all received on Sept. 30, 2005, indicating they were sent together. The check from Josie was received Oct. 2. Together, the Tan family’s $8,000 contribution to Friends of Hillary was more than the senator’s PAC received, separately, from residents of the entire states of Hawaii, Mississippi, Nebraska, Vermont, Utah, Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, Montana or North Dakota. He is also well-known in the U.S. Congress, where some of Sen. Clinton’s fellow Democrats have denounced him and his factories, which pay subminimum wages, for years, mostly because of his tireless efforts to make sure those factories are never subjected to U.S. labor laws.
Hillary doesn't mind sweat shop money as long as she doesn't have to "kiss and tell." NO SWEAT!

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