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Monday, March 06, 2006

Jimmy Carter...Pro-Tyrant...Anti-Human Rights

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights is filled with countries who specialize in human rights abuses. Among the names we have Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.
Kofi Annan is supposed to abolish this group and replace it with a more dignified countries who sound human rights records. The weak-kneed Annan is now fretting and changing course, however John Bolton refuses to play along.
Enter Jimmy Carter, probably the worst President the United States ever voted into office. Carter was a champion for human rights but now his anti-Bush rhetoric has replaced his sensibilities. "My hope is that when a vote is taken, the other members will outvote the United States," Mr. Carter told the Council on Foreign Relations.
Past Presidents have been more dignified in the past, refraining from ridiculing the current White House occupant. Politics for Democrats has changed drastically in recent years. Clinton as well as Carter make bold attempts to polish their tarnished images by playing politics with foreign policy, something neither ex-President was very good at when they held office.
We're sorry to see Jimmy Carter feels more comfortable supporting tyrants who have sound records of human rights abuses, joining the anti-Bush, anti-American values of freedom and liberty for all.

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