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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Off with Her Head! UPDATE!!!

A woman who was fined £200 after she was caught on camera applying make-up while driving at 32mph has defended her actions, saying she was preparing for a date.
Donna Maddock, 22, from Mold in north Wales, was pictured on police video cameras with both hands off the steering wheel putting on her eye make-up.
She she had wanted to look her best for a date with a man who has a girlfriend and child.
Shockingly, she added that she couldn't see what all the fuss was about.
Let's get this straight. She see's no problem applying makeup while driving and she is dating a guy who has a girlfriend. I suppose they deserve each other.
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Well maybe not that much enforcement but it's nice to see in Wales they take paying attention while driving important.
A woman was caught on police video putting on her make-up while driving at 32mph has been fined £200. Donna Maddock, 22, from Mold in north Wales, was pictured with both hands off the steering wheel putting on her eye make-up.
Magistrates in Pwlhelli fined Ms Maddock £200 plus £55 costs after she pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving. She was also given six points on her licence.
A spokeswoman for North Wales Police said the incident "beggars belief". She said: "A car is a dangerous lump of metal in the wrong hands. You need to be in control at all times and Miss Maddock's actions beggars belief."
Ms. Maddock was pictured on police video cameras holding a compact mirror and an eye brush while driving along the A499 in Pwllheli in north Wales. According to the Arrive Alive road safety organisation, based in north Wales, 41 people were injured or killed on the A499 between 2001 and 2003.
Roger Vincent, a spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, branded Ms Maddock "irresponsible". He said: "It is frightening to think what could have happened as she was driving along without her hands on the wheel particularly as this is such an accident blackspot. "She was putting her own life at risk and the lives of other people just for the sake of applying her make-up. People seem to do all sorts of bizarre things in their cars. Nowadays, there are enough distractions without motorists literally making up their own. But this does show that people who behave in such an irresponsible way will get caught."
Can you imagine, they would have to build new jails if this type of enforcement took place in the United States? Combine applying makeup with food, drinks and of course, the cell phone.
Source: Daily Mail

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, I was going around baltimore beltway and a car ahead was swerving around three lanes. gal putting on mascara endangering everybody around her. total lack of awareness or civil responsibility.

3/08/2006 02:10:00 PM  

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