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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Republicans in Trouble, Political Capital Not Well Spent

Eight months to another election. 453 House seats (Democrats need to pick up only 16 seats to take over the House) and 33 Senate seats (15 Republican, 17 Democrat) are up for grabs. Opportunity has knocked and knocked but the Republicans have failed to answer the door. They have spent like drunken Democrats, allowed themselves to fall prey to scandals and put themselves into the awkward position of having the minority own the airwaves like the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Republicans have the edge in Governor seats by a margin of 28-22 with 36 gubernatorial races this year. Bottom line nationally, Republicans misspent their political capital and are now in position of losing power.
President George Bush and his congressional majorities have squandered the opportunity to deliver on a conservative domestic agenda and in the process, have all but completely alienated their conservative base. Republicans and George Bush have forgotten how they got into office.
  • Bush's federal budget reflects a 50% increase in spending over the last Clinton budget.
  • Republicans have failed to deliver limited government.
  • Republicans have failed to provide fiscal discipline.
  • Republicans have failed to commit to conservative principles and values.

To have any chance of satisfying the base that put them in power politicians need to deliver the following:

  • Make the tax cuts permanent, including the repeal of the marriage-tax penalty and the death tax and pass fundamental tax reform.
  • Pass Budget Process Reform.
  • Institute a line-item veto for the President.
  • Pass a budget deficit reduction bill.
  • Pass Social Security Reform and allow personal accounts.
  • Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.
  • Pass the Marriage Protection Amendment.

President Bush is inching closer to "Lame Duck" status. Bush signed the bloated Highway Bill, nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, and allowed himself to look inept on Katrina issues and failed to keep abreast of the Dubai port operations deal.

Democrats have only one plan, to pound President Bush over and over again on the same issues true or not.

  • Lying about WMD's in Iraq.
  • Insist a civil war exists in Iraq.
  • Insist the Bush administration is spying on American citizens.
  • Insist Republicans are weak on security by outsourcing port security.
  • Insist the hurricane disaster proves George Bush doesn't care about the American people.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have no leadership qualities. They are junk yard dogs guarding the gates to American's worst fears. Reid and Pelosi are power mongers who will disseminate false information to undermine the presidency and Republican failures. The game is on, will Republicans in Congress have the intestinal fortitude to work on Conservative principles or will they squander one last opportunity to do the "Right" thing?

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