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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Takes One to Know One

Saddam Hussein's lawyers said they will petition for the ouster of his Iraqi judge, with U.S. attorney Ramsey Clark describing the court trying the former dictator as "dysfunctional".
Cutting off the president (Saddam) was absolutely unwarranted. He has international rights to a public trial," Clark said.
"The statutes of the high court in Iraq requires a public hearing but he (the presiding judge) arbitrarily cut it off so that you the press and the rest of the world could not see what he said," Clark added.
Rauf Abdel Rahman, the chief judge at the Iraqi High Tribunal trying Saddam and seven co-defendants, cut off Saddam for about 20 minutes on Wednesday after the former Iraqi president began testifying.
xxx Abdel Rahman ordered the rest of Saddam's testimony to be heard in closed session, accusing Saddam of making political statements after he called for resistance to the US-led occupation of Iraq.
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, and fervent anti-American, pro-tyrant, is calling Saddam Hussein, "President". It seems Mr. Ramsey is not following current events. Like Jimmy Carter, Clark has a propensity to back dictatorial regimes who abuse and torture their citizens.
Clarks advise to the defense team is use of tactics that stall the proceedings. He feels political speeches are part of a defendents right, instead of following rules of the court. It's the judges court room not Saddam's. Clark is always professing international rights as if they preempt a countries own judicial process. As the trial of Slobodan Milošević in the Hague, after five years of stalling, the defendant eventually dies.
Ramsey Clark's strategy is dysfuntional and by following this advise, the court proceeding appears to be a mirror image of Mr. Clark, dysfunctional. If the defendent dies no one will miss him.
Source: Breitbart

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