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Monday, April 24, 2006

Defensive Driving

Driving instructors always discuss driving "Defensively.' Here's why:
"Potentially dire consequences...can occur while driving distracted or drowsy." So says National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration administrator Jacqueline Glassman, based on an NHTSA report released yesterday showing that nearly 80% of crashes involve drivers who were using a cellphone, putting on makeup, reading email or otherwise not paying attention.
While it took researchers several years to sift through 43,000 hours of driving data to figure that out, the chairman of the Governors Highway Safety Association didn't need so much time to imagine the road ahead: "I urge legislators not to interpret these results as a need for new legislative initiatives," Lt. Col. Jim Champagne told the AP. "It is simply not good public policy to pass laws addressing every type of driver behavior." Though one wonders: How many points for a lipstick ticket?
80% of the crashes are from ridiculous activity while driving and they say no to legislation?

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