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Monday, April 10, 2006

Is Tiger Woods a Liberal? Is Phil Mickelson a Conservative?

Is CBS sports and the rest of the media prejudice in favor of Tiger Woods? The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding YES!
I tuned in to the Masters golf championship yesterday to find Phil Mickelson in a battle for the lead with several golfers including Tiger Woods. I have written here before about this issue, the press openly roots for Woods. They have no problem considering the professional golfing tour the "Tiger Tour."
Woods is a poor sport and wears his unprofessional attitude on his sleeve. In fact, he is one of the most penalized players for infractions of unsportsmanlike conduct, which result in fines, not stroke penalties. Golf prefers to keeps it's problems out of the limelight.
Commentators practically begin to cry at every shot off the fairway or missed Tiger putt. They insult the current crop of formidable golfers by proclaiming Tiger is the greatest ever. They trash former greats such as Ben Hogan, Sam Sneed, and Bobby Jones by placing Tiger Woods on their imaginary pedestal.
Woods made a slight run in his last few holes and commentators were delighted. While Mickelson was approaching one hole an English sportscaster made this disparaging comment. "Three short years ago we would have been discussing how Mickelson was going to blow it."
Woods began to pick up strokes and the classless elite of sports commentary couldn't help themselves. They began calculating, outloud, how many holes Mickleson would need to bogey (over par) and Woods would need to birdie (under par) for Woods to win. Lanny Watkins, a former touring pro, was part of this pathetic dialogue. They didn't give anyone else a chance at winning.
In the end Mickelson was victorious but CBS sports wasn't finished mourning for Tiger. They actual claimed how sad it was Tiger couldn't win this tournament for his dad. If Woods father is ill that is unfortuate. However, it was Phil Mickelson's day. He won two 2006 tournaments and two major tournaments in a row. This is seldom accomplished. Congratulations for being a class act Phil. We only wish the sports media could learn from you.

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Blogger Stevin said...

Well said. I was glad Phil won again.
I'm sick of Tiger Woods when he's not winning. I'll admit that he's an amazing golfer, but people act like he's infallible. I'm happy to see somebody challenge him consistantly.

4/11/2006 01:42:00 AM  

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