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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jerry Lewis - No Comedian

No, not Jerry Lewis the hilarious comic. Representative Jerry Lewis, former insurance salesman, 14 term career politician and Republican from California's 41st District. Mr. Lewis lacks intestinal fortitude and backbone.
The Wall Street Journal reports:
For weeks, the Republican Study Committee, a group of fiscally conservative Members, had been negotiating a spending outline with the House leadership. But when they finally struck a deal last week, Mr. Lewis refused to go along and threatened to defeat the budget on the House floor if Speaker Denny Hastert brought it up. With Democrats opposing the budget as a matter of party unity, GOP leaders gave up and left town for Easter recess without a vote on their budget blueprint for 2007.
This one is all about Republicans and their refusal to give up their power to spend money at will and pass out "earmarks" like a bartender offering drinks on the house. The chief culprits are the House Appropriators, led by Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis of California and his 13 sub-committee chairmen known as "cardinals." If Republicans lose the House -- and they are well on their way -- Mr. Lewis deserves the moniker of the minority maker.
Mr. Lewis is "Spender in Chief" and nothing more than a California liberal in conservative clothing. In addition, Lewis is on the record for being against giving President Bush line-item veto power, which would curb much of the illicit spending via earmarks and supplements. Lewis is one incumbent whose time has come and should be voted out of office.
Lewis' penchant for spending may well be the demise of leadership by Republicans in the House. Conservatives are rightfully upset with the lack of fiscal conservativism and outright lawlessness when it comes to responsible government. Unfortunately, we know where we stand with tax and spend liberals, while we are cheated by individuals who chant conservative principals only to serve as left-wing zealots.

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