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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jesse Jackson Holds Court - Without a Law Degree

In his relentless effort to keep his mug in the news, Jesse Jackson is offering to pay the college tuition of a black woman who alleges white members of the Duke University lacrosse team raped her. (Keyword: Alleges)
Well not exactly. Jesse is offering the money from Operation Push aka Rainbow/PUSH coalition. As we mention several times previously, this is the organization Mr. Jackson uses as his own piggy bank. In fact, years ago he left the organization after he bankrupted it. However, not before he paid for the schooling of his children at the same private schools the Kennedy's went to.
No one has been charged in the case, but the allegations have rocked the community. Jackson has yet to speak with the woman, but said his group pledged to pay for her tuition even if her story proves false.
In a phone interview with The Associated Press, Jackson said he believed there was enough circumstantial evidence indicating something happened to the woman. "There's more evidence that violence occurred to her than she's the lead of a hoax," Jackson said. xxx
Leave it too Jackson to try the case before it becomes a case in the public venue. Using the Liberal mantra, guilty as presumed, because it helps our cause. Whatever that is!
As a graduate student studying “Divinity” at the Chicago Theological Seminary Jackson did not complete the degree at the time, but was later awarded a Master of Divinity in 2000 based on life experience.
Must we presume Jackson received a law degree based on "life experience" too? Jackson never works on facts, only race baiting. Oh Right! Jackson never attended law school. Although Jackson doesn't have a "JD", he does have an informal degree in "BS."
Source: FoxNews

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