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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Letter of Threat to Americans

Third in a series of captured Iraqi documents, freshly released from the Harmony Data Base at the Combating Terrorism Center, West Point.

Summary of Document: A letter from Abu ‘Abullah Al-Kuwaiti outlining the next attack against the Americans, and issuing a statement to the Americans to let them know of their fighters’ readiness to kill hundreds of thousands with their nuclear and biological arsenal. Another letter dated November 10, 2001 from Abu Yousef Al-Qannas to Khallad Al-Kuwaiti informing him that he is moving north by orders of the Sheikh (Osama Bin Laden), and that he will join him in a week’s time.
xxx If the American people are ready to die as we are ready to die, then our combat groups along with our military, nuclear, and biological equipment will kill hundreds of thousands of people we don’t wish to fight. If you are ready to die as we are ready to die, the thousand present here in Afghanistan equals hundreds of thousands of Americans. I am pleased to inform you that the billions you spent fighting us so far have resulted in killing a small number of us. We consider them martyrs and they did not exceed (10) martyrs. We warn you that our war against you has not ended, but its effects will increase. Isn’t it time to end American arrogance and begin listening to your people before you experience more devastating disasters?
On the benefit of safeguarding, mention the benefit of fasting and praying in the month of Ramadan. Mention a verse on the benefit of unselfishness; the benefit of reciting the Holy Koran and the benefit of martyrdom. What is the reward of saying Glory to God and repeating it 5 times, or bench pressing 50 times; reciting a verse of the Holy Koran or a poem?

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