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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mexico's Upcoming Elections - A Dictator at Our Door? UPDATED!

Previously I presented an article on Mexican elections from The Weekly Standard here and the disturbing possibilities that a pro-Hugo Chavez/Fidel Castro candidate could become president of Mexico.
Reader and fellow blogger at Need to Know/Latin America passed on the following update:
Just a month ago Mexican Presidential Candiate Andrés Manuel López Obrador looked unbeatable, with a 10% lead in the Mexican presidential race. However the latest edition of a monthly poll published by national newspaper El Universal is showing a different picture. Here are the numbers:
-Andrés M. López Obrador, Alianza Por el Bien de Todos: 38% (42% in March).
-Felipe Calderón, National Action Party: 34% (32% in March).
-Roberto Madrazo, Institutional Revolutionary: 25% (24% in March).
Felipe Calderón is gaining momentum just when he needs it, two months prior to election day, whereas López Obrador is quickly losing ground. This trend heralds a dramatic finale.
We can only hope the poll data is accurate, the trend continues and Calderón is successful in his bid to replace Vincente Fox.

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