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Friday, April 07, 2006

No Change for U.N. Human Rights

The United States announced it would not seek a seat on the recently formed Human Rights Council. The council, approved last month by the General Assembly despite America's opposition, was created to replace the largely discredited Human Rights Commission, which Mr. Annan has denounced because its membership included violators of human rights such as Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Cuba.
xxx "We want to see what other countries present themselves" for membership, the American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, told reporters. "We'll work to elect countries that share our values on human rights, but we're not prepared at this point to offer our own candidacy."
xxx Cuba and Iran have already signed up for the new body, and are widely expected to be voted in. Like America, Israel announced it would not be a candidate for membership of the Human Rights Council.
The creation of the council was hailed by U.N. officials as an example of success in Mr. Annan's drive to reform the world body, hoping it would become part of his legacy after two five-year terms at the helm.
Nothing has changed yet it's hailed as a success. Of course a liberal voice from California blames America. "This is a very sad day in the history of American diplomacy," said Rep. Tom Lantos, Democrat of California, in a written statement. "In 1948, behind the visionary leadership of Eleanor Roosevelt, the United States led the effort to create a human rights mechanism at the United Nations."
xxx "Today, the Bush administration did violence to Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy by announcing to the world that it has turned its back on our 60-year effort to use the United Nations to promote and protect human rights around the world."
John Bolton and the Bush Administration are demonstrating against past and present abuses to human rights and refuse to fund operations sponsored by rogue nations. Liberals blame America once again and stand side by side with dictatorships.
Source: New York Sun

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