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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Odd Place for a Venezuelan Flag

There are days when watching the Chicago Cubs really tests me but something really caught me by surprise today. No it wasn't Carlos Zambrano trying to pick off a pitcher twice with wild throws. It wasn't the fact that the talented pitcher stinks up Wrigley Field big time when he doesn't have his good stuff.
What is it amongst all the protests for U.S. citizenship and foreign flag flying? Carlos Zambrano is a citizen of Venezuela with the talent to play major league baseball in the U.S. Once known a America's past time, foreign players excel and the game is still fun to watch.
Mr. Zambrano chooses to have the flag of Venezuela on his baseball mitt, quite visible each time he sets to pitch a ball. Hugo Chavez must be proud. This Cub fan is not. In fact, I find it disturbing baseball allows it, but why should that surprise me. We must not anger the prima donna athlete or insult him.
I suppose if they look the other way on steroid use what makes me think displaying a foreign flag is any big deal. Does Zambrano get paid in U.S. dollars?

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