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Saturday, April 22, 2006

This Bud's Not for You!

Here is one time I must agree with Germany. The Wall Street Journal reports:
Anheuser Busch Cos. has exclusive rights to sell and market its beer at soccer's World Cup, which will be held in cities around Germany for a month beginning June 9. Being the official beer sponsor of the world's most-watched sporting event should give the company an ideal chance to promote its brand and to associate itself with the one thing Germans love almost as much as beer, soccer. But the King of Beers has a king-size problem: Germans hate the beer and Anheuser-Busch can't even use the Budweiser name in Germany. In a country where brews are hand-crafted and richly flavored, many drinkers dismiss Bud as light, mass-produced and weak.
Personally, that's being kind. Bud and Bud Light are closer to swamp water than beer. I spent some years in the service in Germany. I traveled all over Europe and the local, non-mass produced beers can't be beat.
xxx "We don't want Bud at our World Cup," says Johannes Schnitter, a 25-year-old student at the Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin, who has set up an anti-Bud Web site, "I'm not anti-American. This is just the worst beer you could imagine."
A long-running legal dispute with a Czech brewer prevents Anheuser from using the name Budweiser in Germany. Anheuser-Busch introduced Budweiser in 1876. In 1895 a group of Czech brewers in the town of Ceske Budejovice (Budweis in German) launched a beer called Budweiser too. The Czech company says it was upholding the tradition of beer brewed in the town since the 13th century. The two companies have been fighting over use of the name almost ever since.
Even the name Bud is out because one of Germany's most popular beers, Bitburger, is called Bit and German courts have ruled that "Bud" is too close to "Bit." As a result, the American company is forced to sell its beer in Germany under the awkward name Anheuser Busch Bud.
"Europe is a hot bed of [soccer] fans. People will be coming from Ireland, the U.K., Italy and Spain and enjoying the event," says Tony Ponturo, Anheuser-Busch vice president of global media and sports marketing and the executive who signed the World Cup sponsorship deal. "Those people will associate the tournament with Anheuser-Busch beer," he says.
Oh sure and I'm Santa Claus. This is why Mr. Ponturo gets paid the big bucks, believing real beer drinking Europeans are going to switch to Bud or Bud Light.
Please, I'll have two bratwurst with mustard and a Kulmbacher. Danke!

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