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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom "The Hammer" Delay...Guilty by Association

In February we strongly criticized Tom Delay for fostering a culture of the small town boss who became intoxicated with power in the beltway. Delay "got things done" in the House of Representatives and earned his nickname, "The Hammer."
Delay also became known for his defense and use of earmarking bills, increasing the pork in government and not following the conservative mantra of small government. Tom Delay ushered in more government by pandering to the lobbies and his constituency in Texas. In the end, Tom Delay was his own worst enemy and may cause the Republicans to lose their majority in the November elections.
When a business manager's staff fails to produce and shows signs of bringing a company down, the manager becomes accountable. When you swim with the sharks you may be eaten alive. Delay somehow justifies his paid for golf trips and free plane rides from big business. What Delay succumbed to is his self-made entitlement program, intoxicated by his growing power.
xxxxxx Mr. DeLay, was indicted last fall for his role in illegally routing campaign contributions into Texas during the 2002 elections. This allegation may prove to be no more than politics as usual but Delay put himself in position to get indicted. xxx Delay's former deputy chief of staff, Tony Rudy, pleaded guilty to corruption charges, trading official favors -- including attempts to influence legislation -- in return for personal gain. Edwin Buckham, a former chief of staff to Mr. DeLay, is referred to in documents associated with Mr. Rudy's plea deal as "Lobbyist B." Delay should have kept abreast of his immediate staff and had better control of his office.
The Jack Abramoff scandal has yet to completely unfold, Delay certainly had ties to the lobbyist. Character judgement, as the very least, was not one of Mr. Delay's stronger suits. Activities of the former House Majority Leader, at the very least, is tainted. As the mess unfolds many others related in some way to Tom Delay and Abramoff may close the door on the opportunity for reshaping government in the conservative image.
"I can do more to grow the Republican majority, rather than spend the next eight months locked down in running a campaign," Delay told the Galveston County paper. Unfortunately, Delay's style of arrogance and blinding power may bring an entire majority down and do the unthinkable; give power back to the Liberals!
If you hang out in a skunk den, you will smell like a skunk. We would hope Tom Delay would simply ride off into the Texas sunset.

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