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Friday, April 21, 2006

Vietnam, Watergate........George W. Bush?

According to some reports and polls one would think a time bomb is set, ready to explode in the faces of America. And who to blame.......President George W. Bush. The press wants a crisis to bring down the presidency and poll numbers are as fickle as the weather. xxx

Opinion Journal notes Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor & Publisher, a trade magazine for newspapermen, declares "America faces a crisis almost without equal in recent decades":
Our president, in a time of war, terrorism and nuclear intrigue, will likely remain in office for another 33 months, with crushingly low approval ratings that are still inching lower. Facing a similar problem, voters had a chance to quickly toss Jimmy Carter out of office, and did so. With a similar lengthy period left on his White House lease, Richard Nixon quit, facing impeachment. Neither outcome is at hand this time.
Many Republicans fear their president's image as a bumbler will hurt their party for years. The rest may fret about the almost certain paralysis within the administration, or a reversal of certain favorite policies. A Gallup poll this week revealed that 44% of Republicans want some or all troops brought home from Iraq. Do they really believe that their president will do that any time soon, if ever? . . .
xxx No wonder so many are starting to look for a way to shorten or short-circuit the extended crisis period. Republicans demand a true shake-out at the White House. This week at Vanity Fair online, Carl Bernstein is calling for a Watergate-style congressional probe of possible high crimes and misdemeanors. . . .
xxx I don't have a solution myself now, although all pleas for serious probes, journalistic or official, of the many alleged White House misdeeds should be heeded. But my point here is simply to start the discussion, and urge that the media, first, recognize that the crisis--or, if you want to say, impending crisis--exists, and begin to explore the ways to confront it.
Are President Bush's "crisis" of his own invention? Did terrorists attack us on 9/11? Did Saddam Hussein refuse to stop his rhetoric of weapons of mass destruction and threats, which ended in his demise? Are we supposed to wait until we are attacked again before we defend ourselves?
The Wall Street Journal writes:
Bill Clinton often complained that history had denied him the sort of historic challenge -- a Great Depression or war -- that might have made his Presidency great.
But that is not the fate of this President, who has had to confront the consequences of the holiday from history that was the 1990s: September 11, continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now his most severe test yet, the looming crisis over Iran's drive for nuclear weapons.
Bill Clinton wished for a great crisis to make his Presidency great? That's like going off to war because you want to be a hero. We can't sit down and write our own history.
Unfortuately the press and people like Greg Mitchell are hoping for a tradegy to fall upon George W. Bush so they can remove him from office. The real tragedy is the main stream media openly wishes for bad things to happen to an American president.

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