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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're Correct on Tiger Woods Media Prejudice

Monday I wrote an article criticizing the media for their personal favoritism of Tiger Woods, rooting against his competition here. However, the BBC is criticizing Woods for his comments during a post tournament interview. Woods used the word "spaz" to describe a portion of his game. The article reports:
Tiger Woods used the word in a live TV interview. An article on Tuesday in online newspaper The Age tracked the reporting of Woods comments and found that spaz was edited out of subsequent news packages. They also say that an LA Times reporter got Tiger to re-word his sentence replacing spaz with wreck so he could report it with no problems.
So what did Tiger Woods mean when he said: "I was so in control from tee to green, the best I've played for years... But as soon as I got on the green I was a spaz." He was describing a poor performance. A flawed performance. An impaired performance.
The term "spaz" is viewed as politically incorrect. Liberally Conservative does not participate in political correct anything. To me it's fake and playing to Liberals insecurities about life. The point here is you have the media protecting Woods from his comment, actually erasing or changing the actual quote. I personally don't care about Woods comments, I am offended at the press trying to clean up his words.
Rush Limbaugh is defending Woods only because this is playing in Europe and he just won't stand for Tiger Woods to be criticized in Europe. Afterall Limbaugh laments, their just angry because Tiger "kicks their butts" in golf.
The point here is my article about Woods and the media are correct. They love him above all other players on the PGA tour and this is indefensible.

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