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Monday, May 15, 2006

Duke LaCrosse Team - Pronounced Guilty by DA

"At the outset of this investigation, I said that it was just as important to remove the clouds of suspicion from the members of the Duke University lacrosse team who were not involved in this assault as it was to identify the actual perpetrators," Nifong said. [Durham County District Attorney]
"For that reason, I believe it is important to state publicly today that none of the evidence that we have developed implicates any member of that team other than those three against whom indictments have been returned."
Nifong is removing suspicion while stating who was and wasn't involved in an alleged rape. The individual indicted today was picked out of a picture lineup of only Duke LaCrosse players. But wait! There's more!
David "Dave" Forker Evans, 23, of Bethesda, Md also went to the Durham Police Department and gave officers a statement without any attorneys present, as well as a DNA sample and access to his e-mail, Evans said. He also offered to take a polygraph test, but said that police investigators refused his offer.
Evans' attorney, Joe Cheshire, also said Monday that the alleged victim identified Evans in a photo lineup with "90 percent certainty," but that she was not 100 percent sure because he did not have a mustache.
xxx "Mr. Nifong knows David Evans has never had a mustache," Cheshire said. "We have pictures of David Evans the day before, the day after and almost every other day, along with scores and scores of people's testimony that he never had a mustache."
DNA has been used to prove that people found guilty of crimes in court did not, in fact, commit the alleged crimes. In this case, no DNA evidence and evidence that would normally release an individual as a suspect is good enough to bring an indictment.

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