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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Evan Bayh - Abolish Electoral College

When asked why the Electoral College should be abolished, Evan Bayh (D-IN) responded, "I think our president should be chosen by the majority of the American people. That is ordinarily the case. But in 2000, as we all recall, we elected this president with fewer votes than the other candidate got. I just don't think in the modern era that is appropriate."
Abolishing the Electoral College is a desperate measure condoned by desperate liberals, including the moderate Bayh. Bayh is whining over the 2000 election but is really scheming to turn big city liberal votes over Democrats, exclusive of the balancing of the Electoral College for less populated states.
Dr. David Marlett points out, "This is a very diverse nation. There is a vast difference in the issues that concern the voter living on the eighty-fifth floor of a Manhattan high-rise and the voter living in Montana with an eighty-five mile long drive-way. As our societal shift takes more voters from the country into the cities a simple plurality vote places our country-dwelling voters' issues on the back burner."
xxx "Just as the needs of the people are balanced against the needs of the states by the House and the Senate respectively, the Electoral College, by representing the states equally and the people according to population, balances out the issues in the selection of the chief executive."
We continue to support a strict constructionist attitude and manipulating the Constitution only serves politicians, not the average citizen. The Electoral College protects the interests of the states against the power of the federal government.
Alexander Hamilton writing in Federalist Number Sixty-Eight voiced his support for the Electoral College by saying, "if the manner of it be not perfect, it is at least excellent."
The Electoral College is not a perfect system, but it is an excellent one and it should never be replaced by a popular vote. To do so would place the voter from less populated areas and his specialized needs and issues in a secondary position to voters in more densely populated areas. It would eliminate this system of checks and balances in the selection of the chief executive.

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