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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lapdogs - Author Eric Boehlert Attacks MSN Pit Bulls

Yikes! I just watched an interview with "author" Eric Boehlert who attempted a straight face while explaining his book "Lapdogs" demonstrates how mainstream fixtures such as The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, CNN, and Time magazine too often ignored the administration's missteps and misleading words, and did not call out the public officials who betrayed the country's trust.
Amazon only has 4 reviews for this book, the liberals have begun defending this gibberish of complete fiction already. Who is Boehlert kidding or is he simply residing at a crack house deep in the bowels of New York City?
Boehlert asserts that the Bush White House never subscribed to the view -- commonly held by previous administrations -- that a relationship with the press is an important part of the democratic process. Instead, it saw the press as just another special interest group that needed to be either appeased or held at bay -- or, in some cases, squashed.
The administration actively undermined the basic tenets of accurate and fair journalism, and reporters and editors accepted their reduced roles without a whimper. To an unprecedented degree, journalists too often stopped asking uncomfortable questions of people in power. In essence, the entire purpose and pursuit of journalism was sacrificed.
New White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, has just begun his campaign to set the record straight with rebuttals against complete misstatements made by the press and Boehlert is living in a world of delusion calling the same press irresponsible.
Boehlert admits he has never attended a White House press briefing. We suppose NBC's David Gregory and Helen Thomas are "lapdogs", afraid to attack the President with direct insults.
"Lapdogs" is a book, not to read, but to place in the kitty litter, bird cage or used for potty training your puppy.

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