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Sunday, May 14, 2006

McCarthyism - Liberalism

Paranoia is alive and well in the halls of Congress:
"It is evident that there is a deliberate calculated program being carried out not only to protect Communist personnel in high places, but to reduce security and intelligence protection to a nullity. . . . On file in the Department is a copy of a preliminary report of the FBI on Soviet espionage activities in the United States, which involves large numbers of State Department employees. . . this report has been challenged and ignored by those charged with the responsibility of administering the department..."
~Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI)
Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
February 9, 1950
"That the government may be secretly collecting, and using data mining to analyze, the phone records of millions of law-abiding Americans, as reported in the press today, is a frightening prospect. ... It is time for the administration to come clean with Congress and the American people."
~ Sen. Russ Feingold ( D-WI)
Member of the Judiciary Committee
May 11, 2006
Must be that Wisconsin cheese!

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